Chicory root - benefits of this healthy coffee substitute

Are you one of those people who has love-hate relationship with coffee 

You love it but can´t stick to one or two cups a day so you end up indulging in 3, 4 cups or more. In any case, way more than necessary, and the after-effects are far from pleasant. You feel extreme ups and downs in your energy levels. Moreover, in time the feeling of awakeness becomes a mixture of anxiety and worry leaving you uncentered and completely off. Yup, this is a love-hate relationship at its finest.

Or maybe you drink it moderately and still feel you want to find a better solution, but in the lack of options, you still drink it.

That was me couple of months ago. I wanted to stop drink it completely but since I love having a warm cozy beverage in the mornings or afternoons, I just could´t stop drinking it. Until I found chicory root. It is safe to say I was in heaven.

Chicory is made of roasted chicory root, which is then grounded and brewed into a beverage similar to coffee. It has been used for more than 200 years, but over time it became forgotten. Earlier, mostly poor people used it because coffee was too expensive for them. Older generations remember it as part of their every-day breakfast which consisted out of a piece of bread and white coffee. This way kids could also have it since it is completely caffeine free.

It smells, tastes and looks very similar to coffee. On top of that, chicory has numerous benefits that even the extreme coffee lovers would want to consider replacing their black elixir with a healthier option. Even the way of preparing chicory is the same as you prepare your coffee (if we´re talking the Turkish style), so you don´t have to sacrifice your morning ritual.

Here we wanted to give you few benefits of drinking chicory root as your coffee substitute:

1. It is nutritionally rich

Chicory root has a type of prebiotic called inulin which supports weight loss. Also, it has nutrients that increase health of our brain, such as vitamin B6 and manganese.

Here is a short list of vitamins and minerals contained in 1 root (60g):

Vitamin C                     3.0 mg (5%)
Vitamin B                  6 0.1 mg (7%)
Folate                       13.8 mcg (3%)
Calcium                      24.6 mg (2%)
Iron                              0,5 mg (3%)
Magnesium                13,2 mg (3%)
Phosporus                 36,6 mg (4%)
Potassium                  174 mg (5%)

Here you can check out the full nutritional value list.

2. Promotes good digestion

You can improve your digestion by drinking this coffee-like beverage. Fiber contained in chicory helps the content of your bowels move quicker, leaving you light and with the straight stomach. This is why it is great aid for constipation.

Chicory also contains inulin which promotes healthy bacteria in your gut. In other words, it softness the stool and makes it more frequent. Ayurveda considers bowel cleanse a crucial factor in improving one´s health. Thus, releasing the content of your bowels more frequently is linked to you overall health.


3. Lowers blood sugar

Chicory helps keeping blood sugar levels steady, which is a good news for diabetic patients.

This is all thanks to inulin. Many studies have shown that taking inulin lowers the sugar levels in our blood.



4. Caffeine-free

There are lots of reason to quit caffeine. It is already very clear that even though caffeine gives you the energy boost, has numerous side-effects that are not so pleasant. It messes up your sleeping pattern, it increases your heart rate and your blood pressure, it can even interfere with your hormones during menopause. Moreover, having coffee in excessive amounts builds tolerance, which make your body ask for more caffeine and thus gives you headache if you don´t satisfy your caffeine needs.

This is why we wholeheartedly recommend trying this coffee alternative. It may sound too hard to quit coffee suddenly, so you can always decrease it gradually. For instance, mixing your coffee with chicory, and over time increasing the chicory and decreasing coffee. This way your withdrawal symptoms of caffeine will be much more durable and less uncomfortable.


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